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This is a collection of sound effects in the style of a classic 8-bit Gameboy soundchip. I made these sounds by myself using a few different virtual instruments in FL Studio.

This Pack includes 98 sounds in 16bit PCM Wave Stereo quality divided into 11 categories:

  • 13x Electric Sounds (thunder, high voltage)
  • 04x Fire Sounds (flame bursts, breathing fire )
  • 17x Impact Sounds (punches, hits, shooting)
  • 06x Magic Sounds (magic spells, energy beams)
  • 06x Menu Sound (selecting, confirm, cancel)
  • 15x Other Sounds (jumping, weather, collecting and more)
  • 07x Power Down Sounds (losing health, bad effects, defeating enemies)
  • 11x Power Up Sounds (healing, exp, item)
  • 08x Spooky Sounds (dark magic, scary encounters)
  • 05x Swoosh Sounds (flying, appearing / vanishing)
  • 06x Water Sounds (splashes, bubbles, waves)
Here's a preview of the soundpack (background music is only for the video):

Free add-on pack

I made a free add-on pack with 34 additional sounds!

The add-on includes

  • 4x Sounds for entering doors / movement
  • 4x Impact Sounds
  • 6x Menu Sounds incl pc on/ off, cash register
  • 4x Water Sounds
  • 2x Wind Sounds
  • 14x Misc. Sounds incl. screams, coins, sneeze

in 16 bit PCM wave (some mono, most in stereo) .


Get this sound pack and 1 more for 2.00€ EUR
View bundle
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In order to download this sound pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 1.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Error Boy Sound Pack 17 MB

Download demo

ErrorBoy Sound Pack Addon (free) 7 MB


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Volume II is now available as well!

Any way you can accept Paypal? My bank won't allow me to pay internationally without a currency-conversion middle-man.

I'm so sorry but my Paypal is not working at the moment :(

I have a donation page for my Twitch channel, maybe that could work for you. If you can donate there I'll send you the pack manually!


(1 edit)

My bank still won't allow the transaction because the receiver still requests euros with no conversion option. If you have a way to accept a paypal payment on another platform other than paypal, I can do it, but otherwise, unless the transaction is in USD, my hands are unfortunately tied. I'm very interested in your pack, still.

I checked my options again but right know there is sadly no way for me to receive PayPal transactions right now :(

But since you seem to be a nice person and I don't want you to miss out because of my PayPal problems I'll give it to you anyways. Maybe you could give me a review of my "Error Ware 2" demo in return? :)

Send an email with your itch.io user name to ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send it to you.

Wow, Thank you! I will shoot you an email in just a bit and once I go through the pack, I'll post everywhere I know to (twitter, OGA, here, mostly) about it! Do you have any particular preference to anywhere else I should post a review?

No that's totally fine! :)

I did not receive an email yet, if you're still interested write a mail to ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com!