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"UKUMAN X- The Game"  was U-GameZ's  first (glitchy) PC game adaptation of the "UKUMAN" character, which is an obvious "homage" to Capcom's Megaman.

It even had an "animated" series you can watch here (with a terrible German dub)!

UKUMAN has to defeat all 6 Robot Masters. But that's not as easy as it sounds: 6 + 1 stages full of different enemies make this a challenging game (mainly because of the bad controls)!

This game was originally made in 2008 and is pretty crappy. Ten years later, my coding skills have improved a bit, so if you want to play a good game instead, have a look at Error Ware 2 or SXFSCC.


  • This game actually runs!
  • 6+1 unique stages with bosses
  • 7 different weapons
  • tutorial mode to learn the overly complicated controls
  • cool music and awesome graphics (well... decide for yourself...)


UKUMAN is a robot boy, who doesn't want to clean up his creator's laboratory. Instead he wants to be a rock star. While they're arguing, a big explosion destroys the underground laboratory!

UKUMAN and Dr. 20, his creator, survive the attack. But UKUMAN wants to find out who attacked them and why...


Playable with the keyboard only.

Arrow Keys
Move UKUMAN, choose a stage
EnterStart a stage / skip intro
SpaceUse your equipped weapon
XOpen weapon select
BSelect next weapon
CSelect previous  weapon
VEquip selected weapon
right CRTLJump / get off a ladder
F1show help / pause
Escexit help screen / exit the game
LLoad a savegame
F4Toggle fullscreen mode
RReset current screen (if you get stuck)


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